Poly Studio P5

• 隨插即用的 USB 連線
• 80度對角視野,4倍HD變焦攝影機
• 支援Full HD 1080p解析度
• 支援自動對焦功能
• 內建個人型指向性麥克風
• 內建鏡頭隱私保護蓋
• 可調整的螢幕夾

售價 : 優惠價請來電/Line!!

  • 產品特色
  • 影片介紹
  • 產品型錄

The Poly Studio P5 webcam ensures you look your best on video calls at home, in the office, or wherever you’re working. Exceptional camera optics are fine-tuned so you always come across clearly with a professional-quality image. Brilliant colors and automatic low light compensation deliver excellent video quality no matter where you need to take a call. The directional microphone focuses on your voice and not the noise around you. An integrated privacy shutter keeps you in control of when you are on camera for enhanced security and privacy. For IT, Poly Lens cloud management provides robust tools to manage and track devices from anywhere.

• Exceptional camera optics
• Automatic low-light compensation
• Built-in directional microphone
• Integrated privacy shutter
• USB connection to wireless headset adapter

• Always look professional with exceptional camera optics that are optimized for video conferencing
• Make sure you’re heard clearly with a built-in directional microphone that focuses on your voice, not the noise around you
• Enhance security and privacy, and ensure you are in control of when you are on camera with the integrated privacy shutter
• Poly Lens cloud management gives IT powerful tools to manage and track devices from anywhere